Smart repair

We provide the very latest in vehicle damage repair and reconditioning technology using the Carheal X portal. By incorporating the Carheal X cabin into our bodyshop, we can ensure sustainable same-day turnaround for small to medium damage repairs. Our artificial intelligence solution, Addenda Vision identifies if a repair is in scope and the vehicle is channeled through our smart repair process, up to three times faster than the traditional repair process, saving costs and enhancing the customer experience.

Our Carheal cabin is 100% self-contained, safe and secure.

With its game-changing second generation of smart auto repair pods, CARHEALX is taking the automotive industry to a whole new level. Developed in Denmark and boasting patented technology, these pods are quickly becoming a must-have tool for dealerships looking to maximize returns while retaining customers. CARHEALX’s innovative design and convenient size enables it to fit safely inside buildings and minimize energy costs, all while delivering reliable paint repairs faster than ever before. 

Eco Friendly

The eco-friendly produces zero omission also greatly reduces energy consumption.

Additional Revenue

An end-to-end turnkey solution offers an additional revenue stream able to complete smaller repairs within 2 days.

Safe & Secure

Our 100% self-contained, safe and secure unit can be installed anywhere from a service center to fleet workshops and even shopping mall car parks.